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Delivering Competition

Who we are

We are the Mail Competition Forum, a non profit making discussion forum that aims to promote a truly competitive mail market in the UK.

Our objective

Our objective is to support the development of conditions in the UK for fair, vibrant and sustainable competition to Royal Mail within a stable and undistorted market.

What we do

We provide a forum for discussion on all issues affecting the postal market in the UK.
We lobby the regulator Postcomm , Government Departments, Industry trade bodies and associations and the EEC.


Is open to anybody holding a long term licence from Postcomm for the provision of postal services in the United Kingdom.

How we can help you

We can help represent your interests within the industry by providing advice, support and access to the relationships that the MCF has established..
We provide a library of presentations and positioning papers on key industry issues.
We provide pooled resources and expertise.


Our Reports

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Additional Information and Press

If you require additional information or would like to contact us in relation to press commentary or releases then please email info@mailcompetitionforum.org.


Our Expertise

Our members represent some of the leading organisations in postal services and bring a huge wealth of expertise to the table. Our member organisations engage with all stages of postal service delivery from printing and mail production to Down Stream Access and Final Mile.

The MCF engages with a range of parcel operators and combines the expertise of it’s membership to provide input to the important issues of the day, from the EU Single Digital Market strategy to the Taylor Review.

The MCF has engaged with Postcomm and then Ofcom since 2003 and has been at the heart of changes to postal regulation in the UK throughout it’s history. We engage with regulators and policy makers at all levels to ensure that regulation works for the whole industry and that competition is promoted and encouraged.

Meet Our Members

Why Become a Member?

The MCF is an active group seeking to promote competition in the delivery and postal services industries. Membership brings you access to the expertise of a number of long standing postal and mail market experts as well as regular access to government departments and regulators responsible for the industry.

  • Expert reports and briefings on the most pressing issues
  • Access to government and regulatory bodies
  • Input into detailed consultation responses
  • Access to industry experts